Ecological Products

Duplo's high performance Digital Duplicators conform to the Japanese Green Procurement Law for their energy efficiency and features that contribute to reducing waste. This has allowed the certification of the Japanese Eco Mark for most DUPRINTER models. At Duplo we not only design products that are easy to use, but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

Table of Ecological Models

Product ModelMaximum
Printing Area
DP-U950A3600 x 600
DP-U850A3600 x 600
DP-U650A3400 x 400
DP-U620B4400 x 400
DP-U550A3300 x 600
DP-U520B4300 x 600
DP-U510LEGAL300 x 600
DP-J450A3300 x 600
DP-M420B4300 x 600
DP-M410LEGAL300 x 600
DP-M400A4300 x 600
DP-M320B4300 x 600
DP-M310LEGAL300 x 600
DP-M300A4300 x 600
DP-A120B4300 x 360
DP-A100A4300 x 360

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